RA Outlook Email Extractor - Help Manual

Screenshot of Main Window


Default Email Account Search

Select Outlook from file menu to load all the email accounts and folder that belong to the default account.

If you are using or configured multiple accounts then you got prompt to select the account that you want to proceed. After selected simply choose the folder you want to search for email address and hit "start Extract" to start the extraction process.


Search Email from PST file

This window is used to extract email addresses from the Outlook PST File. Simple select the PST file you want to search


Extract Email Addresses from Files and Folders

Used to Search email addresses on your computer.You can either select a file or search all files in folder. Once the path to the file/folder is set, click the Search button to start extraction.


Email Filter

You can set various email filter settings like Restrict domains, Keywords, email names, etc on various stages while extraction in progress. Please see the detailed explanation given below


Domain Restriction:
We having two different options in domain restriction.
Only Extract email addresses from the list of domain
Exclude email addresses from list of domain.

Filter by Name :
Exclude email addresses if the email name has more numbers than specified.
Exclude email addresses if the email name length is greater than specified digits.
Exclude email addresses if the email name contain any of the given word phrase.

Message Filter

You can set various email message filter settings like keyword search in subject, mail content etc and option to search email addresses from selected fields. Please see the detailed explanation given below


Extract email addresses if any of the given keyword in subject or mail content

You can also select the fields that you want to search for email addresses.
Sender, Receiver, Cc, Bcc, Message Content

Warning Message that may appear from outlook

When you start the extraction process you may get warning like given below :
A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date.
If you are prompted to allow access to recipient information, select the Allow access for check box, click the amount of time that you want to grant access for, and then click Allow.


You can also prevent this security warning from appearing again. Please follow the link given below for more information.

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