RA Lead Generator - Help Manual

Main Window

Display Results Screenshot of Main Window

Simple Search

Select "Simple search" from the file menu (New Search). Enter Search Keyword and Search Location and select Phone, Webiste and Email and hit "Start" to start the process.

Note: If website not selected, email extraction process will not works

Simple Keywords
Screenshot of Simple Search Window

Advance Search

The main advantage of advance search is we can generate search list in particular location which process to generate more leads. Disadvantage : Might have Duplicate records.

Please follow the steps given below to complete an advance search.

Select "Advance search" from the file menu (New Search).
Enter your search Keyword and select the Country. State or City will auto generate based on the Country selection.
Click Generate or Add to add location to search list automatically.
Click Start to generate leads for all the given keywords.

ScreenShot of Advance Search


You can export the retrieved leads in to four different format (CSV, TSV,XML and SQL). Please select appropriate format and enter the file name and click save to export. Enter a file name and click save.

Export To csv
Screenshot of export window

Export Save

Clear Results

Select "Clear Results" from the result option to clear the generated leads so you can have a fresh search.

Proxy Settings

Select "Proxy" from the Settings menu and select "Use Custom Proxy" from the drop down list. Add the list of proxies that you want to rotate automatically on search.

Format: Proxy should be in any one of the following format


Settings Proxy Ip
Screenshot of Proxy Window
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