RA Lead Generator


Simple Search

Just enter search keyword, search location and hit start to start the extraction process. You can also use advanced search which have advanced additional options to customize.

Advanced Search

If you want to perform extraction process for a list of keywords and location then you can use advanced search option. It also supports you to search countries and cities that available.

Proxy Settings

RA Lead Generator supports rotate proxy system which you can upload list of proxy ip addresses and it will be automatically distributed on demand. You can set the proxy with the below two options.

Use Direct internet connection (Donít use proxy)
Use Proxy

User Friendly

The new intuitive User-Friendly interface is efficient, flexible and easy to use for novice people also. It satisfies both ordinary pc users and advanced users.

Online Update

You will be notified automatically if new updates are made in our application.

Table View

You can feel the table view of the extracted Leads


RA Lead Generator is designed with multi-threading which leads are extracted quickly without compromising PC performance.


You can export the lead extracted into various formats like Excel, word, window clipboard and also you can customized the result in which format you want.

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