RA Email Extractor


One of the most important tasks on email marketing is creating quality email address database. This determines the results of email marketing. Listed below are some of the features of RA Email Extractor

Targeted search for email address using Keywords

Enter the list of keywords that describes your business or target search. Then the program will query search engines and search for email addresses on the best matched web pages. You can control over list of search engine that you are interested to query.

Search for Email addresses on specific website

Enter the valid URL of the website that you want to extract email address and RA Email Extractor will scan all pages of the website and retrieve email addresses that available.

Search Using List of Urls

You can also use the list of urls that you already have which you need to scan for email addresses.

Local source

Enter the path to file or folder or drive / CD-Rom on local computer and RA Email Extractor will scan through the files and check for email addresses. Below are some of the main features which other email extractors in the market donít have.


RA email extractor support proxy system. You can set the proxy with the below three options.

Use Direct internet connection (Donít use proxy)
Use Proxy for only search Engines
Use Proxy for all


One of the main other features which other email extractors donít have is Multi threading. You can have control over how many threads you want to execute at a time and concurrency limit based on your PC performance and internet speed.


You can export the retrieve email address to various format like Excel, word, window clipboard and you can customized the result in which format you want.

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