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Fast Email Extractor: Extract Email Addresses From Files, Folders, URL & Search Engine

Posted on April 9th, 2013

Want to extract email addresses from documents, text files, WebPages etc but hate scrolling up and down to manually copy the email addresses? RA Email Extractor will help. It’s an application for windows help you to extract email addresses from the target area in few seconds which saves lot of time and money.

Fast Email Extractor

RA Email Extractor is mainly used for email marketing campaign. Every email marketing campaign success was completely depends on whether list of emails sent to your right targeted audience, where many email marketers missing to do that and expecting high CTR/Conversion or any call to action from the mailer list.

RA Email Extractor is a great tool for conducting email marketing campaigns to target the right audience. Every email campaign requires large lists of email addresses. But compiling large email lists can take hours, even days. Doing it manually is almost impossible and can be a real painful task.

RA Email Extractor will create large quality list of emails instantly within 5 -10 minutes which you can start your email campaign even when you at busy work schedule. You can extract 1000 of email addresses in less than a minute with simple few clicks. So don’t wait have a try with our free RA Email Extractor Application.

Are you the one who paying high price for the bulk email list, stop paying with RA Email Extractor with one-time fee. We always recommend our every client to Try before Buy


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