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Simple Backlink Analyzer

Posted on October 8th, 2013

The concept of this tool is to allow quick access / check to your backlink data in seconds. This is not an average backlink checker tool which it does much more. You can try our backlink checker tool free for 30 days.

Here are some of the most important data points that are displayed on each and every backlink.

  • * Domain URL
  • * Status of the URL
  • * OBLs count
  • * Follow status
  • * Google Page Rank
  • * Anchor text
  • * IP Address
  • * Google Indexed status


Backlink Checker Tool

RA BackLink Checker was specially designed for every search engine analyst, search engine marketer and all online marketers who looking for smart backlink analyzer. You can also try our free version from the link given  http://www.reverseapps.com/free-tools/free-backlink-checker.php

Social Networking and Their Role in SEO

Posted on April 12th, 2013

Social signal or social ranking factors play an important role and having greater responsibility in Search Engine optimization. Okay many might have having a question: Whether Google prefers social signals? The answer is the most effective search optimization campaigns are those that are loaded with high quality website content and those which include a variety of quality links and social strength. Therefore creating a website which include quality links and social strength will give you best results.

Social Networking SEO

For example when we talk about social media marketing Facebook is ever first site than most people mention. Facebook is known for having largest user base. Like Facebook there are many social networking available  like (twitter, Google Plus etc.) to empower you website SEO.

Link Seller Linking To You? Google Says You Won’t Benefit From It.

Posted on April 8th, 2013

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted a 90 second video on what happens if a site that is selling links also links to your site.

In short, Matt Cutts explains that sites that sell links and Google knows about it, Google won’t pass value from that link seller web site. So if a site that sells links is linking to you, it most likely won’t hurt you. Matt said that the link will not benefit you and most likely will not hurt you.

Matt explained:

(1) Web sites that sell links will see their toolbar PageRank downgraded by 30, 40 or 50%.

(2) The site will no longer continue to be able to pass PageRank.

(3) Sites they link to will no longer benefit from those links.

SEO Monitor Is Easy Now

Posted on April 5th, 2013

Every business, online marketing company, no matter how large or small, is now implementing different strategies for their website Search Engine Optimization and various marketing activities. So it is mandatory for every online business to watch / monitor crucial web marketing parameter and perform various marketing tactics to improve their online business.

We have developed RA SEO Evaluator to make this process easy. RA SEO Evaluator is specially designed to extract different web ranking parameter like, Google Page Rank, Alexa Trafic Rank, IP Information and Domain Information in an easy, fast and user friendly way.

RA SEO Evaluator

SEO Monitor


The only way to improve your online business growth will be completely depends on your website optimization (i.e. SEO). The RA SEO Evaluator helps you to take decision on your SEO efforts by monitoring your valuable website SEO parameters. Another important element is monitoring your competitors, it is more essential to monitor you competitors SEO activity and comparing with your efforts. RA SEO Evaluator will fetch you all these details and stay ahead above with your competitors.

Don’t wait try 30 Days Free Trial at no cost.

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