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Premium Version of RA Google Position Reporter Coming Very Soon at Reverseapps.com

Posted on May 30th, 2013

Google Ranking Generator News

A Good news for those people who are looking for a advance Google Position Reporter that can search and find the search engine ranking for many projects with hundreds of keywords at one time. We are glad to tell you that your waiting time is going to over as Reverseapps.com is coming with a premium version of Google Position Rank Reporter very soon.

Some of the key features and benefits of this premium tracking tool are- hundreds of keyword for multiple projects that will help to maintain Rank Record on Daily Basis for Google search engines.  It is the advanced version of RA free version of Google Position Reporter.  This premium version will have more advanced interface and features in comparison of simple free version.

Mr. Prakash CEO of ReverseApps said “earlier we had lots of query and suggestion for creating tools like that and it’s our aim to take care of every expectation of our clients and customers so we took decision to build a new tool and our team working for completing our customers expectation and we hope that everyone who belong to SEO field can’t stop to love this product. It is a desktop tool not web based, so you can download it easily from our website and installs it in your system like other marketing tools. However we have also planned for creating web based SERP tool in near future”.  Premium RA Google Position Reporter by ReverseApps is the easiest way to bulk checks your website ranking.

He also cleared in his statement that “RA premium Google Position Reporter will automatically collect and save your keywords ranking information and will be able to for graphical representation of your keyword position in Excel or PDF format.

However, the free version having only simple interfaces and features and only tracks few keywords in Google Keyword Search Position as well so it was just heavy manual searching way. However there are some features that will remain admire by users for our free to use tool which is unlimited keywords, it can Reporter about top 100 results. For more information on free version of Google Position Rank you can click here http://www.reverseapps.com/free-tools/free-google-position-reporter.php

ReverseApps Launched Premium Version on Backlink Checker with additional enhancement

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

ReverseApps released its new premium version of backlink checker after realizing the demand on free version of Backlink Checker which was released few months before as a freeware.
Now Premium version have advanced option to attract more search engine professionals where they can extract backlinks info such as Backlink URL, Host Status, Outbound Links, Follow Status, Backlink IP, PageRank, Anchor Text, Inbound Link,Google Index Status and so on.Find below the compare charts on free VS premium version.

Backlink Checker Compare Chart

Backlink Checker Compare Chart

Prakash Seshachalam the Founder of “ReverseApps” says “We started developing the premium version on RA Backlink Checker due to huge download of free version on daily basis. So we planned to release the same with the advanced feature where many search engine professionals will be benefited. And also existing free users of RA Backlink checker can buy this software at 75% discount as launch offer.”

To avail this offer please mail us at info@reverseapps.com

For more details please visit – http://www.reverseapps.com/backlink-checker/


ReverseApps launched free SEO tools for to attract small & medium companies

Posted on January 12th, 2013

ReverseApps is proud to release free SEO tools where the many startup, small and medium level companies can use it for free at their initial stage of business growth.

Below are the 3 SEO tools available for free now from ReverseApps and planning for many free tools to get launched soon.

RA Free Google Position Rank Reporter

RA Google Position Reporter is a free tracking tool used to track your Google Keyword Search Position. Google Position Reporter will run all your keyword and find your website search position rank on Google.com.

For more details visit – http://www.reverseapps.com/free-tools/free-google-position-reporter.php

RA Free Backlink Checker

RA Free Backlink checker is used to check your website backlinks status. Just enter your website, list of backlink URLs and click “Start” then RA Free Backlink Checker tool will check and return backlink status, anchor URL and anchor text.

For more details visit – http://www.reverseapps.com/free-tools/free-backlink-checker.php

RA Free Proxy Verifier

RA Proxy Verifier is a free fast desktop proxy checker tool lets you to check the status of given proxies against the URL given.

For more details visit – http://www.reverseapps.com/free-tools/free-proxy-verifier.php

Lead Generation Software released to reveal your business leads

Posted on September 23rd, 2012

ReverseApps recently released RA Lead Generation software and this will be the next-Gen software for every business marketers, sales managers, business developers and anyone who can quickly find leads for their business needs.

This RA Lead Generator was very powerful software to extract your targeted business leads at any of your targeted location. And it is affordable software for every marketer to market and sell their product and services. Every business growth was completely depends on how they acquire more customers to their business. RA Lead Generator will extract immense number of business contacts like business name, address, website, phone, email etc., from various sources like search engines, business directories and many, for your business sales goals.

Some of Product Key Highlights

-          Extract leads just by simple keyword search

-          Customized advanced search

-          Proxy Settings for uninterrupted search

-          User Friendly Interface

-          Free Online Update

-          Table view of live leads

-          Multi-threading design for uncompromised PC performance while extracting leads

-          Export lead in CSV, TSV,  XML, SQL

ReverseApps released their first software for email marketing – RA Email Spider

Posted on September 5th, 2012

ReverseApps is happy to introduce RA Email Extractor the potential software for every email marketing campaigns. RA Email Extractor spiders through different search engine, web pages to extract or generate targeted email list. The core of email marketing plan starts with building large email list and that was taken care by RA Email Extractor.

RA Email Extractor was specially designed to extract specific targeted group emails from various sources like search engines, websites and local files etc. based on your effective keyword search. Uniqueness of RA Email Extractor when comparing with other tools available in market is Multi-Threading which extract emails very faster by avoid unnecessary internet usage without compromise with PC performance.

Email marketing is one of the most effective, easy and cheap marketing activity among all marketers to target or reach their customers to sell their product and services. But the toughest part is generating large email list for the mailer shoot. So to overcome this ReverseApps developed software called RA Email Extractor an email list builder for everyone.

Some of Product Highlights

-          Crunch emails by simple keyword search

-          Spider for emails from specific domain

-          Search emails on list of URL’s

-          Email search on local source

-          Proxy Settings for uninterrupted search

-          User Friendly Interface

-          Free Online Update notification

-          Table view of live emails

-           Multi-threading design for uncompromised PC performance while extracting emails

-          Export emails to excel, word text file

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